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$49.95 FICA Youth Member Benefits:

  • FICA Club Member Annual Subscription
  • FICA Club Member Certificate
  • FICA Club Member Events Invitations
  • FICA Club Member Kickoff Invitations
  • FICA Club Member Training Invitations
  • FICA Club Member Tour Invitations
  • FICA Club Member Workshop Invitations
  • FICA Club Member Online Club Network
  • FICA Club Member Prize Drawings
  • FICA Club Member T-Shirt
  • *Member and Subscription benefits are subject to change.

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Financial Training For Kids & Teens!

The YICN Financial Training is an online e-Learning training portal designed to help students master financial intelligence life skills. The YICN Financial online portal is an interactive training system divided into 8 training sections, with access to mathematical, charts, graphs and more! As with all of our comprehensive training systems YICN Financial keeps students motivated to excel in financial education training applications as well as their core curriculum of math, reading and writing!


FICA Individual Members, Clubs, Chapters and Center affiliates can choose to participate in one or more of the FICA Special Training Programs being held throughout the year including the following: the FICA E-Clubs Training Network, Winning on Wall St. Kickoff "Financial Pep Rally", Financial Whiz Kids Challenge & Competition, Young Investors Club, Young Analyst Club, Young Executives Club, and the FICA Financial Leadership Training Tours. All FICA programs adhere to Department of Education standards.

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