FICAConnect ASP Customer Support
If you are looking for an ISP with a complete customer service solution to assist you at anytime regarding your Internet connection, look no further. FICAConnect ASP provides quality customer service and technical support, answering inquiries via:

All inquiries are placed in a queue and distributed real-time to the next available customer service representative.

FICAConnect ASP's customer service facilities are located in an approximately 10,000 square foot, state-of-the-art call center, scalable to handle increased end-user support as the FICAConnect ASP operations grow. All of the FICAConnect ASP's customer support staff receives extensive training and supervision.

FICAConnect ASP's continually monitors the performance of its customer support staff to ensure that it is within established limits to provide for client and end-user satisfaction. We e-mail a survey to every customer after each technical support call.

The FICAConnect ASP call center features comprehensive software that applies full Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) discipline to phone calls, e-mail, and or chat sessions.

"Call Center of the Year" May 2002 - Call Center Magazine

Throughout the year, Call Center Magazine interviews hundreds of call center managers to profile their centers and learn about the products and services they use. Call centers that are especially successful in improving their centers, implementing technology, meeting service goals, decreasing turnover, and increasing productivity are the best candidates for this award.


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